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Lean More about Royal Shield RS-5

Royal Shield RS-5 is an advanced C2F4 paint sealant originally developed within the aerospace industry. Further testing concluded the product's potential for prolonging the life of aircraft paint, boat paint, fleet vehicles, and the everyday car.

The Benefits of RS-5 include:

• Removes Faded, Oxidized Paint and Minor Scratches, including Brake Dust Spots, Industrial Fallouts, and Swirl Marks
• Eliminates the Need to Wax or Polish Cars, Trucks, Boats, and Aircraft - Only Periodic Cleaning Necessary
• Easy to Clean to Keep Your Vehicle Looking Showroom New
• Provides Effective Paint Protection against Damaging UV Rays, Acid Rain, Road Salt, Rust, Insects, & Other Environmental Factors
• Brings a Deep Luster That Is Unsurpassed by Any Other Product Available
• Extends the Service Life of New and Used Vehicles

Long-Lasting Shine

RS-5 is inert to nearly all natural and manmade corrosive elements, creating an impenetrable barrier with a slick, shiny coating. Conventional sealants and waxes begin to break down and melt when temperatures exceed 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Your car, boat, or plane's surface can easily exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit in the hot sun. Under these extreme conditions, other products claiming how durable and tough they are fall flat and lose their shine and protective qualities.

When properly coated with Royal Shield RS-5 Paint Sealant, your car, boat, motor home, or aircraft will not fade, oxidize, or show damage from acid rain, tree sap, brake dust spotting, bird droppings, bugs, exhaust stains, and de-icing solutions.

In addition, when Royal Shield RS-5 is applied to new vehicles within 30 days of the purchase date and the odometer reading less than 100 miles, Royal Shield shall guarantee in writing that the vehicle will not rust, fade, or oxidize for five full years. This warranty only applies to authorized Royal Shield distributors/dealers. Certain conditions apply.


Royal Shield RS-5 seals and protects your car's finish from a variety of elements. These include intense sunrays, acid rain, road salt, rust, industrial fallout, bird droppings, tree sap, fading, and oxidizing.


The average cost of repainting a small corporate jet is around $30,000. When coated with Royal Shield RS-5, repainting is virtually eliminated. Our RS-5 paint sealant protects the finish of aircraft from fading and oxidizing as well as eliminates exhaust stains and deterioration from salt spray and harmful de-icing solutions.


One of the biggest problems with boats is fading, oxidizing, and keeping the hull slick and smooth. Royal Shield RS-5 blocks the elements with a slick, durable protective finish eliminating stains and damage as well as helping to prevent damage from corrosive fuels.

Companies We Have Worked with

At Royal Shield, we have worked with some of the most prestigious companies in the world as well as governmental agencies, including:

• United Parcel Service of America
• Federal Express
• The United States Air Force
• New York State Police
• America Broadcasting Company™
• Coca-Cola Company®
• PepsiCo®

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