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Become a distributor with Royal Shield! Our company is based in Boston, Massachusetts, and offers an appealing business opportunity for individuals. Sign up with us today so you can begin selling our dynamic, cutting-edge paint sealant.

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Royal Shield Product Packaging

There are more than 300 million cars, boats, aircraft, and fleet vehicles in North America that go unprotected each year from nature's extreme elements. Our Royal Shield dealers are offering RS-5 Paint Sealant have a clear advantage of having a product that actually lives up to its promises.

The paint protection market is a billion-dollar industry with unlimited potential. With a Royal Shield dealer backed by the Royal Shield warranty program, you will be on your way to success.

Each Royal Shield kit comes with one four-oz. bottle of pre-treatment and two-oz. bottles of our RS-5 Paint Protectant. For bulk sales, we bottle in larger quantities. Royal Shield vehicle protection products are packaged by the case and are only sold to licensed Royal Shield dealers.

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How to Become an Independent Royal Sheild Dealer

There is no fee to become a licensed Royal Shield dealer within the United States. Those seeking a protected territory may be required to order larger amounts and have minimum monthly orders depending on the size of the requested protected territory.

Royal Sheild dealerships to be formulated on a case-by-case basis depending on the size of the requested territory within that country.

Your potential client base could include the following:

• New and Used Car Dealerships
• Family Cars, Mini Vans, and SUVs
• Limo Services
• Police Cars
• Fire Trucks
• Delivery Vehicles
• United Parcel Service of America
• Federal Express
• Brinks Trucks
• US Postal Trucks
• Corporate and Commercial Aircraft
• Private and Commercial Boats
• Buses
• Taxis
• Trains
• Government Vehicles
• Military Aircraft & Vehicles

Dealerships Outside the United States

We are currently seeking single, independent Royal Shield dealers in the following countries:

• India
• Saudi Arabia
• Oman

• Qatar
• Turkey
• Israel
• Russia
• South Korea
• Japan
• Taiwan
• China
• Brazil
• Argentina
• Panama
• Mexico

If you do not see your country listed please contact us for Royal Shield Dealership info.
Contact us for product pricing for Royal Shield Dealerships.

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